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In 2001, George Ison was a young, well-educated, middle-class entrepreneur with a lovely girlfriend and a great life. But then, out of the blue, bipolar disorder hit. In honest, intimate, sometimes agonized diary entries over the course of several years, Ison charts the beginnings of his illness, from choosing doctors and med regimens through times when his close relationships foundered and family pulled away, and he was close to suicide.

Immensely relatable, Diary of a Bipolar is a fascinating read told from a male perspective. It will educate both those with the disease and their loved ones, as well as readers who are curious about what having bipolar disease is like - day in, day out.


About the book

This is a non-fictional diary of my 8 years of search for stability in the middle of a life of contrasts in every sense from even before being diagnosed. It is edited to the minimum and I have kept almost nothing to myself. Much of the diary is written under the effect of severe depression or mental impairment. This diary deals closely with the strongest topics of human existence such as love, deception, life and death. All the entries are dated.

You will read about my years of struggling with the illness, jumping from one doctor to the next, many aspects of my personal and professional life. You will also find out about heavy barriers I've had to overcome and some other angels that have helped me along the way. Alternative medicine and some very special characters are also present.

Who should read this?

I especially recommend it to the persons who have bipolar loved ones. Family, mothers, fathers, brothers and friends will find a way to view this illness through my eyes and hopefully link it to their relationship with that special person that always seems so "complicated" to put it mildly.
I also recommend it to bipolar patients under certain conditions because of the crudeness and strength of this diary. Please consult your physician first.
Psychiatrists, pshychologists and other physicians that deal with the human mind may also find my experience very useful.
People looking to read a non-fictional diary that deals with strong topics should also like this.

  Copyright 2009 George Vincent Ison